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1996, Fender Precision Bass MIJ + Upgrade


1996, Fender Precision Bass MIJ + Upgrade

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Available to view/play/demo near Preston, PR3, For further details, including more pictures (genuine enquiries only) please contact me. I may consider part ex. but only for high end guitars / basses. Call/text Paul on 07919 280017 or FB message.
£25 deposit, paid via PayPal will secure any Guitar till pay day Can be sent via insured couriers (at cost approx. £20) to any UK mainland address


Built in 1996, at the FujiGen plant in Japan this anniversary model is a wonderful example of this iconic bass guitar. The condition is excellent, pretty much perfect apart from a couple of tiny marks on the underside of the body as illustrated in the photographs and a tiny mark on the rear of the neck. It has been recently upgraded with Bare Knuckle ’65  split pick-ups to give it a real punchy sound. These online  these are approximately £120. It plays brilliantly. Built in Japan Fender guitars are generally regarded as comparable with USA models.

It comes with a Fender Gig bag

It can be shipped to any UK mainland address for £17

From its introduction in 1951, the Precision bass transformed the world of bass playing with its unique look, feel and tone. The Bare Knuckle P Bass range captures that ground breaking tone in both original ‘Tele’ bass single coil and later humbucking split coil designs.


Grey fibre board flat work, non bevelled Alnico V magnets and a lighter wind of 42AWG plain enamel wire characterise this mid ’60s inspired split coil set. A brighter high-end but equally solid bottom-end make the ’65 Split Coil P perfect for rosewood board P basses. Compared to the ’58 Split Coil P, the mids are a little hollower with a woodier tone while the bottom-end remains full and warm. The two coils are wired in series for full hum cancelling and feature black and white cloth ‘push back’ hookup.

  • Output: Vintage
  • DC: 10.5KO
  • Magnet: Alnico V


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